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Great to investigate a number that you are not familiar with on kids bill. Highly recommended. We've made a few improvements and fixed some bugs in order to make your experience with our app even better. Any issues, please email feedback callersmart.

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Great app and an awesome tool for someone who my have been working on building their case for the grounds for divorce and have been to cross check their information about who,what, where ,. Then a spouse could possibly be hiding whom they are talking to. I would be very impressed if one could be protected from character assignation and have the ability to create a new and positive character for information about themselves.

Thank your, Joseph DiVentura.

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Hi Joseph, Thanks for your feedback! We're happy to hear that you've found CallerSmart helpful. Thanks, Your CallerSmart Team. I get at least 2 spam calls a day, sometimes more.

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The same scam same recording uses different phone numbers for every call. I got this app hoping it would help; I tried manually searching the numbers and marking them all as spam.

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Yes, it is a number, they were using it to bother me today. And so I gave up on marking the endless numbers as spam for other users. Then today I got a wonderful 4th call for the day, and this app made no difference whatsoever. What I seek is an app that will direct me to whom ever owns the robo call numbers I keep getting, so I know how to report them properly to authorities. This one is helpful but it seems like it will not do much for me unless I opt for a paid subscription. That's fine, and I hope they do well in their sales.

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Scam calls are not identified or marked as unknown. At least one repeat caller is marked in app as an invalid number. My goal in the end, is to find a way to shut down scam callers permanently. Hi Closer, Thanks for your honest feedback, we appreciate you rating us here in the App Store! Have you tried turning on our Automatic Spam Call Blocking feature?

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It may help eliminate many of those annoying robocalls you receive. If you'd like more information or want to share anymore feedback with us, you can reach us at feedback callersmart. Requires iOS A collection agency? This guide on reverse phone lookups is part of our series of guides on all topics relating to privacy, searching, and security online.

In the olden days before computers and cell phones , these were published directories similar to phone books, that were primarily used by law enforcement and private investigators. They were also known as cross directories.

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Like printed phonebooks, these no longer exist, and have mostly moved online. There are a number of reasons people look up numbers instead of answering the phone. In an effort to find out who is tormenting them, the victim needs to find out who owns the number. Once they get the name and address, they can then file a police complaint or other necessary action to get the bully to stop.

Love or lack thereof : Cheating is probably the number one reason people are looking up numbers. In relationships with a history of mistrust or control issue, one side will often randomly check the phone of the other side. The first part is the information that can be deduced from any phone number, as long as you have a relatively inexpensive up to date database.

The second part, the information about the name and address behind the phone number, is more complex. We gave it its own section:.