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An important factor to consider is which company you choose. A company that has an interface with a county will take less time to search that court than a company that has to send someone to the physical courthouse.

Then you have to consider where you are requesting the information from. This document provides a nice summary of how the information should be treated from the candidate's perspective. Nearly all background checks are governed by the FCRA, but you should know that there are an array of other laws that affect them, depending on state and region.

How Long Does An International Background Check Take?

For example, in some states, it's fine to use credit and criminal background checks for any employee, in others you can only perform these checks for specific types of employees. Critical information will often come up in the most mundane steps of the background check. Make sure that hiring managers take the process seriously and that they pay attention to the valuable information obtained. As soon as you start asking for opinions - questions about character, attitude, etc.

How to Do Employee Background Checks: The Complete Guide

This falls under federal law, and you'll be required to give notice to the applicant, give them an option to ask for details, and comply with their requests. If you need this sort of information, it's best to get legal advice first. Provides criminal history for the applicant. Should include national and county records. Ensures the candidate's social security number is legitimate and finds all names, including aliases and variations, dates of birth and address history associated with the social security number.

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  5. This shows employers if the candidate has lived in undisclosed locations or under other aliases, which may reveal criminal records that wouldn't have been found otherwise. Traces previous addresses for the candidate. Finding out where a candidate has lived will make it easier to verify other research, and may reveal jurisdictions where criminal background checks should be performed.

    Most background checks will look to see if the candidate is on the U.

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    4. Especially important for security jobs. A background check forms just part of a greater strategy.

      How Far Back Can Employers See Criminal Records?

      Read our article on Full Life Cycle Recruiting to see where a background check fits in the journey from attracting potential employees to eventually bringing them onboard. A general background check includes identity verification, employment verification, credit history, driving records, criminal records, and qualifications confirmation.

      Smaller firms are typically more subjective. Most financial firms do credit checks for people involved in revenue-generating activities or handling money.

      How long do most background checks take?

      When it comes to support positions, it can go either way. Ross Baltic, managing partner at Mercury Partners, a New York boutique-search firm, says all of his clients go thorough credit checks as well as criminal background checks. It happens. The best advice is to not embellish dates of employment on your resume. While it may seem harmless, it can come back to bite you, come the offer stage.

      HR Basics: Background Checks

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