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A technician is required if the in-house audio or video system is to be used to play recorded music, slideshow or video during the event. A technician is required if live performers require real-time audio mixing. A technician is required to operate the live-feed or recording cameras of the video system.

The basic facility fee includes setting up and activating microphones.

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Microphone requests must be received by First UMC media office seven days prior to the event. Recorded music, slideshows and videos to be used in the event are due in the First UMC media office seven days prior to the ceremony. Again, we ask that members of the wedding party or even professional videographers not to adjust, operate, or plug into audio or video systems. Since your wedding is a worship experience, we ask all family and guests to respect the ceremony and service. Photographs are not permitted during the ceremony.

Photographs may be taken during the processional and recessional only. Video equipment must be used from the balcony unless given special permission by the officiating pastor. Photographer is the only one permitted to use time exposure with no flash during the ceremony.

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This is a worship service and nothing is to distract from the ceremony. It is very important that the photographer remain inconspicuous during the service.

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Remote control cameras are not allowed to be attached to the pews or in the chancel area. Remind the photographer that you want at least 45 minutes to an hour between taking pictures and the ceremony, so you have time to prepare for the service and you open the Sanctuary for guests to be seated. To insure the integrity and responsibility of the church and its property, the Administrative Council has required and approved the need of a Church Wedding Hostess.

This person is an assistant to the pastor. The wedding hostess attends your rehearsal and is present for pictures before the wedding. The hostess will work with the Pastor and the Bride and Groom to see that your wedding is a special celebration.

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She will assist the wedding party whenever possible. She will serve as a host on behalf of the church to be available in case you need assistance or help as you prepare for the wedding. Duties will include: serve as a timekeeper to let the wedding party know when to prepare to move from their rooms to line up for the processional, helping with decorations and flowers, directing from the back of the church during rehearsal and the wedding by organizing the wedding party to process in order, seating grandparents and parents in proper order, giving instructions to the ushers in their duties, seeing that candles are lit at the proper time, and organizing the receiving line.

As your wedding date approaches a Church Wedding Hostess will be assigned to you. The pastor will give you the name, phone number and email address of the hostess. Since our remodel we have learned from experience that there is the need for Wedding Hosts or Greeters to be stationed at the front doors and the intersection that leads to the Sanctuary. The Wedding Hosts need to be recruited by you. Many wedding parties have utilized their reception hosts. They can greet your guests as they arrive to let them know they are at the right church, and direct them to the Sanctuary, bathrooms, etc.

Members of the wedding party need to be reminded that throughout the wedding rehearsal they are in a holy place dedicated to the worship of God and should act accordingly. The officiating pastor is in charge of rehearsal and wedding. All rehearsals will begin promptly at the scheduled time, and all members of the wedding party are expected to be present. The marriage certificate should be delivered to the pastor on the night of rehearsal. Rehearsal usually lasts for one hour. In decorating for the wedding celebration, it is important that all symbols of the church be respected.

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Such significant church symbols such as the altar and cross cannot be moved or covered with decorations. Arrangements for decorating the church need to be made with the church office. Circuit, charge, and church records are organized by county name. The names of districts represented in the circuit, charge, and church records in this series, but for which there are no district records, are also listed in the district grouping in this series.

Includes list of district presiding elders, ; list of circuit ministers, ; minutes of meetings of parsonage trustees, ; and accounts of P. Herring, Comprises primarily bound volumes of quarterly conference minutes that document the administrative life of circuits, charges, churches, missions, and stations of the N.

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The series also includes bound journals of annual conference meetings for the N. Conference of the MECS as well as bound volumes of district conference minutes and quarterly conference minutes for, among other districts, the Durham, Elizabeth City, Raleigh, and Wilmington Districts of the N. There is some overlap with the Western N. Comprises primarily the bound journals, both originals and copies, recording the annual conference meetings of the N. Also includes conference statistics ; records from trials of ministers ; and minutes, reports, and financial and legal documents for the Board of Education , Board of Trustees , the Relief Society , and the Raleigh Advocate Publishing Co.

There are a few records for the N. Oversize materials have been removed to the Oversize Materials section of this finding aid. Due to fragility, researchers must use copies of Journals for and consult originals only in cases where the copies are not sufficient. Due to fragility, researchers must use copies of journals for and consult originals only in cases where the copies are not sufficient.

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Comprises bound volumes of District Conference Minutes and Quarterly Conference Minutes that document the administrative activities of districts within the N. There may be some overlap with the Western N. Districts with the largest number of records include Durham , Elizabeth City , Raleigh and , and Wilmington The Elizabeth City District also includes reports from various circuits Some districts were originally part of either the Va.

Conferences, and this is noted next to their name. Arranged alphabetically by district name. Within each district name is included a list of counties represented in the district, as well as a list of the circuits, charges, and churches in this collection that were in that district. Names of districts represented in the Circuit, Charge, and Church Records Subseries but for which there no district-level records are also listed in this subseries.

Date ranges in this series are given for district-level records only. Hermon Circuit. Includes references to the need for public education. Minutes beginning in are housed in the Methodist Archives in Raleigh. Comprises primarily bound volumes of quarterly conference minutes that document the administrative life of Methodist Episcopal Church, South MECS circuits, charges, churches, missions, and stations in the eastern and central counties of North Carolina, especially those that until the late s were part of the Virginia Conference.

Records that span a large number of years and comprise a complete set of minutes during those years include Bath Circuit Beaufort Co. Some of the oldest records, from to about , include Bath Circuit Beaufort Co. In addition to the quarterly conference minutes, there are also education, financial, missionary contribution, ministers, Sunday school, Epworth League, and Women's Missionary Society reports and minutes Buckhorn Circuit, Wake Co. Arranged by county boundaries current in and then alphabetically by circuit, charge, church, mission, or station name. Records from counties in the western section of North Carolina can be found in the Western N.

Conference Series. Additional information on circuits, charges, churches, missions, and stations may be found in the N. Information about ministers and other Methodists can be found alphabetically by last name in the Historical Sketches Series, Ministers Subseries , while overviews of Methodism in general, and in North Carolina and Virginia in specific, can be found in the Historical Sketches Series, Methodism Subseries. There are no minutes for and Circuit located mostly in Halifax Co. Edward Alston Thorne was a prominent layman. Volume includes notes and drawings on church buildings.

Also includes a photographic copy of one of the church building drawings. Zion Church, and Woodville Church. Contains lists of members and registers of deaths and disposals, baptisms, and marriages.